We take great pride in our craftsmanship here at Vasitos, and every member of our experienced staff has been rigorously trained in the art of texture coating to ensure a proficient understanding of both the material and application techniques. They are able to identify and rectify any issues that may arise during the application process in order to ensure a beautiful finish that lasts the life of your home.
The actual application process involves several steps. Preparation starts with trenching 4-6 inches around the perimeter of the areas to be coated, wherever possible. This inhibits the capillary action of ground moisture into the wall surface.
Areas to be coated are then Hydro Blasted, a procedure that removes dirt, stains, loose paint, and foreign substances. This also reveals surface defects in need of repair or patching, and provides a clean, tight surface for bonding of primer and coating to surfaces.
Once the surface is dry, the rigorous process of sanding, patching and repair begins to correct all surface defects ensuring a beautiful finish. Caulking is applied to windows, seams and gaps in wood work. Masonry cracks are patched to avoid moisture and prevent peeling. Masking or covers are applied to shrubs, windows and other surfaces for protection.
Once surfaces are cleaned, patched, and prepped, a chemically bonded acrylic primer is applied to the surface areas. This primer prevents stains from migrating to the surface, setting the groundwork for a gorgeous lasting finish. The final step in the application process is the application of the Elastomeric finish coat. Many times thicker than ordinary paint, this coating provides unparalleled protection from the elements, while its fade resistant qualities keep it looking freshly painted throughout the years.